Facebook provides both advantages and disadvantages for individuals and Facebook business accounts.

The following section will cover the top 5 Facebook advantages and disadvantages.

Top 5 Facebook Advantages

1. Networking
hen it comes to networking, Facebook is the leader of the social media industry. On an individual level, Facebook allows users to easily connect with friends, family, colleagues, or meet other people.

People can easily locate like-minded people through interests, while maintaining updated status’s, video chatting and messaging.

2. Facebook for Business

Facebook is a great platform for businesses to take advantage of. It allows businesses to reach potentially millions of users at any time for promoting and selling products or services through targeted marketing.

Brand value can be increased through the use of Facebook fan pages. By building a social media presence, your business can locate new clients and generate new leads using Facebook.

3. Chatting: Various Methods of Communication

Facebook provides many ways to stay in touch, including live chatting where you can use a mobile device or laptop to send messages directly to others via Messenger.

Additionally, it also offers other features such as free video calling because of Facebook’s partnership with WhatsApp and Skype.

4. Free to Use

The platform is free to use, making it attractive to a wider range of demographics as anyone with access to the internet can sign on.

Although often used for business, Facebook is the perfect medium for personal use, from communication tools to uploading life events.

5. Unlimited Entertainment

Finally, the unlimited amount of entertainment that Facebook can provide is possibly the ultimate advantage.

The concept is, anytime a user feels bored without anything to do they can check their notifications or start a conversation, participate in a group, fan page, even play games.

However, this one advantage can also be the biggest cause of Facebook like addiction simply because of the unlimited amount of Facebook resources to occupy the time.

Top 5 Facebook Disadvantages

1. Facebook Addiction

The unlimited amount of entertainment provided is how Facebook keeps you addicted. Many users begin spending hours upon hours a day on Facebook, introducing the new disorder “Facebook Addiction Disorder”.

Simply put, it describes when a person spends more time scrolling through Facebook, finding it challenging to log off or go through their day without thinking about checking status updates.

This makes the #1 disadvantage because it ultimately prevents addicts from developing relationships with others in person. It can cause issues with partners, schooling, relatives which can lead to mental disorder.

2. Spam and Scams

Being among the largest and most used website in the world can be a disadvantage as well. The platform has various types of spam and scams that are easily shared around.

For example, it is simple to open an account, allowing scammers to create fake profiles with no limits which commonly post spam or send private messages to scam people.

Lately, a popular scam includes creating fake profiles of existing users. They then reach out to the friends list of the copied account in hopes of tricking their friends and family. Additionally, fake profiles can be used for online bullying, blackmail, or stalking.

3. Publicly Publishing Private Information

Facebook has simple privacy settings, allowing users to determine how their status content is shared (publicly, privately, friends only, etc).

However, the disadvantage is that a large portion of Facebook users are unaware of these settings. Because of this, many have accidentally published private status or images to the public.

Another downfall to being unaware of the Facebook privacy settings is the Friends List. By having this public, it increases the risk of being victim to Facebook scammers, spammers and stalkers.

4. Academic Impact

As a result of Facebook addiction, spending too much time on the platform can lead to poor grades. Additionally, this is a problem the person may carry on after school and into adulthood.

Many employees have been caught spending more time on Facebook, than doing their job. Therefore, more offices are starting to block social media sites from being accessible through their network.

5. Data Privacy

Similar to the privacy settings for uploads and status updates, many users fail to understand or simply are not aware of their data privacy settings. These settings impact what personal information provided to Facebook can be shared.

Additionally, there are many loopholes for viewing private profiles, reducing security.

For instance, games or other websites and apps that allow Facebook log-in often requests user permission to gain access to specific parts of a profile. This can include managing private information, or using data to share with 3rd parties.

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